I'm a lead software engineer with a passion for building data intensive products. I'm currently the Head of Engineering at , where I'm building a disruptive decision support system that helps asset managers make better investment decisions through analytics based on historical portfolio and trade data, real-time nudging systems and a powerful research archive.
In the last two years, I've from 3 to 10 engineers and designers and integrated our solutions into asset managers with over hundreds of billions of dollars in assets under management. We're pioneering new ways to run distributed real-time analytics, visualize complex datasets and build a suite of powerful research tools that use UX design, engineering and behavioural science to improve the workflows of large asset managers.
I've been writing code for 6 years and have experience at organizations of all sizes from , an to a . I have a Masters degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from . I graduated with First Class Honours on the Dean's List (top 10% of the class) and was the recipient of the Dennis Gabor Prize for my academic contributions to the department and student life.
Outside of work, I've built a range of projects from a probabilistic inference module to detect COVID-19 from blood pathalogy data, to a visualization and audit platform that measures and visualizes your digital carbon footprint with interactive maps, to a real time video chat application powered by Web RTC and AI to help candidates prepare for job interviews. Some of these projects won international hackathons and were featured in podcasts, conferences, and at .
I'm not actively looking for new opportunities at this time but I'm always open to interesting conversations. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat!


I'm Yannis Panagis and I'm the Tech Lead at Behaviour Lab in London. I spend my time building products, visualizing data, exploring London, and writing music.

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