Yannis Panagis

Head of Engineering at Behaviour Lab / London

I work across the stack to build complex data-driven products on the web and manage engineering teams. Back in 2018 while I was at , I joined my first hackathon and built an autonomous supermarket checkout system with UHF RFID. I immediately jumped in head first from that "initial commit" into coding and product development. Fast forward to today: I've written software for a , an , and a .
Joining a startup was one of the best decisions I've ever made. In two years and counting at Behaviour Lab, I've gone from being one of the first engineers on the team to leading 8 engineers and 2 designers to build two complex data products. Together, we're changing the way asset managers make investment decisions through a combination of data analytics, behavioural science and engineering.
When I'm not at the computer, I'm usually , running, or exploring london with my partner.


I'm Yannis Panagis and I'm the Tech Lead at Behaviour Lab in London. I spend my time building products, visualizing data, exploring London, and writing music.

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